Re-roofing / Restoration

IMC works with roofs of any size or type. Our comprehensive service provides our customers with a full, professional report on your roof’s existing conditions as well as a detailed quotation covering all aspects of what is required, recommended and nice to have. This care and service makes us the right roofing contractor.

IMC provides high quality roofing solutions with unequaled customer service. Working with you through the entire re-roofing process. Communicating all they way through and providing service long after your roof is completed. We understand our clients concerns with re-roofing:  minimizing fumes, dust/debris, noise, staging, keeping the building dry, a clean finish….. Insight Management Consultants provide guidance through each stage. We explain the process and help you make an educated decision to suit your needs, requirements and budget.

The roof on your commercial industrial property is a vital part of the building substantial and critical investment. Whether you’re considering the environmental benefits of a cool roof membranes, a conventional new roof system, or are looking for ways to extend the life of an existing roof system, our experience, expertise and commitment to quality will ensure your commercial (or residential) roof will be built to last and will extend the life of your building. We believe in educating our clients and keeping them both informed and comfortable knowing they are in the best hands.