Marilyn, Calgary AB

Our 17 year old house needed new shingles and we contacted a house inspector who has been a friend for years. He recommended Todd at IMC right away.
From start to finish, every contact was very professional. Todd uses a fabulous app that uses satellite imaging so he had the quote ready upon his first visit to our house.
He brought brochures about good/better/best shingle options and explained the options without trying to push us to the most expensive options.
We talked about things like their insurance coverage and safety protocols including fall protection equipment for the workers and we were assured by his responses.
Based on the referral from our friend and our meetings with Todd, we booked the job on a Friday and the work started on the following Tuesday.
The job was done efficiently and we are very pleased with the results!
The crew that did the roof was awesome! It was done in the timeframe estimated.
They did multiple sweeps of the yard and driveway with a magnetic rake to make sure there were no nails left behind that could injure our dogs or puncture tires. They cleaned up scraps and debris each day when they were done.
I would recommend  this company to anyone who needs a residential roofing job.
Todd, if you want to edit this at all, please contact me before posting it on your site. If you are good with what I wrote, feel free to post it on your site.
Thanks again for making this so easy! We do really appreciate the job well done and the professionalism of your crew.

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